Data collection and analysis of the comportment/ needs of adult beneficiaries, in a museum context

It is of prime importance for curators and museum staff to interact with the public and be able to analyse visitor activity.  Important data can be extracted from adult visitors of museum exhibitions and from participants in museum education workshops. This course focuses on data collection and data analysis tools and techniques related to the behaviour and the needs of adult museum visitors. Data analysis can provide curators with valuable insights and feedback of how people interact with the content and exhibits.

This 6-day course gives participants theoretical background on the tools and techniques that can be used to analyse visitor’s behavior in a museum, methods of measuring various variables, as well as practical guidelines for evaluating the visitor experience. Discussions, field visits and group work will enrich sharing ideas and exchange of practices between participants.

Learning outcomes

During the course, participants will:

  • be informed about the factors that influence visitor’s behaviour in a museum
  • investigate observation methods of measuring various variables
  • explore tools and techniques for collecting data about visitor behaviour
  • examine methods of analyzing data
  • practical guidelines to evaluate visitors experience and optimization of understanding
  • visit to Cypriot archaeological sites and museums; discussion with museum staff


Target audience
Adults, curators, museum staff and other management staff in institutions/organizations and museums.

Course schedule

  • Patterns of visitor activity
  • Factors influencing visitor activity
  • Monitoring and modeling of visitor activity
  • Tour to Limassol Archaeological Museum
  • Tour to Limassol historical center, Castle area, Carob Mill Museum and other monuments.
  • Visiting Medieval Castle & Museum
  • Doing activities in the city center
  • Data collection for the group work
  • Analyzing visitor activity
  • Visitor-centered approaches
  • Qualitative and quantitative tools for collecting data
  • ICT tools
  • Tour to Theatrical Museum of Cyprus
  • Discussion with Museum staff.
  • Techniques that analyze visitors’ activity
  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Practical guidelines to evaluate visitors’ experience
  • Group work
  • Tour to Kourion with Roman mosaics and other antiquities.
  • Exploration of the area.
  • Visit to Nicosia, the only divided capital in Europe.
  • Cyprus Handicraft Service- Deputy Ministry of Culture
    • Craft workshops
  • Leventis Museum,
    • Exploring exhibitions
    • Discussion with museum staff
  • ‘Laiki Gitonia’
  • Data collection for group work
  • Designing a survey related to the museum that they work for.
  • Presentation of the survey
  • Review
  • Certificates
  • Visit to Paphos Archaeological Park with Roman mosaics, Paphos Medieval Castle and port.
Course fees

480 euro (6-day) & 560 euro (7-day)

  • 06.07.2024 - 11.07.2024
  • 14.09.2024 - 19.09.2024

Other periods upon request. Available for groups over 4 participants.


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