ENGLISH FOR EDUCATORS- Language improvement for teachers (6-DAY/ 7-DAY COURSE) /Limassol

This practical and immensely useful course is perfect for teachers who wish to improve their English language skills by further developing their fluency, confidence and communication skills. It is dedicated for both younger and/or trainee teachers who want to acquire accurate, authentic and idiomatic classroom language, and for experienced teachers who want to extend the range of their classroom English. All workshop sessions focus on teacher language, practical classroom management and communication skills. The course will give teachers an opportunity to step back from the classroom, gain some practical insights towards improving their professional skills, make connections with colleagues, and return to teaching with a renewed sense of enthusiasm.

This 6-day course is designed for, and dedicated to teachers:
- who wish to refresh and update their English language skills
- who are looking to revitalize and energize their approach to teaching
- who are looking for meaningful ways of reflecting on their professional practice
As participants come from all over the world, the course is also a valuable exercise in community-building and international understanding. There is also the possibility to extend the course to 7-day.

The  cost for 6-day course is  480 euro and for 7-day course is 560 euro. It  includes course fees, course material, entrance to museums and tours.

Competences Acquired by Participants:
- improved language skills and oral fluency in English
- enhanced clarity and precision in classroom communication and better ability to create a positive learning environment
- increased confidence in the ability to use English
- strengthened professional profile
- international and cross-cultural learning experience: new ideas gained and an opportunity to build a network for future professional cooperation
- broader understanding of practices, policies and systems of education of other EU countries, and better intercultural awareness

WELCOME • Participants introduce themselves, course programme overview (day by day).
THEORY • Introduction. MODULE 1: BEGINNING THE LESSON AND TRANSITION TO WORK (functions: greetings, checking attendance/absences, lateness).

THEORY • MODULE 2: GETTING ORGANIZED (functions: commanding, requesting, suggesting) • MODULE 3: TALKING ABOUT THE LESSON (functions: introducing different stages of the lesson).
TOUR • Visit to Amathounta Archaeological park.

THEORY • MODULE 4: THE LANGUAGE OF INSTRUCTION 1 (functions: reading, writing and understanding) • MODULE 5: THE LANGUAGE OF INSTRUCTION 2 (function: asking questions).

TOUR TO CITY CENTRE • Visit to Limassol Old city center, Carob Mill Museum, Medieval Castle & Museum and other monuments.

THEORY • MODULE 6: PROGRESS IN WORK AND PARTICIPATION (functions: encouragement, confirmation, repetition, readiness, transitions, explaining) • MODULE 7: MAINTAINING CLASSROOM DISCIPLINE (functions: warnings, threats and deterrents).

THEORY • MODULE 8: CHECKING UNDERSTANDING (functions: ensuring correctness, giving instructions for exercises, comprehension, conducting class conversation)
CLOSURE OF THE COURSE •Review of the project, conclusions, certificates.

DAY 7 (optional)

Visit to Paphos Archaeological Park with Roman mosaics, Paphos Medieval Castle and port.

The course fees are 480 euro (6-day) & 560 euro (7-day).