Steps for funding
  1. The theme of your project. Define the specific needs of the staff and the school/ institution/ organisation priorities. Why do you need this project?
  2. Choose the training. Study the courses offered by EDUCULTURE and choose the ones that suit your project objectives. There are many sessions for each course throughout the year.
  3. Contact EDUCULTURE team. You can contact EDUCULTURE team (  to get information about the courses and trainings.
  4. Registration. You can book places for your team in the courses by filling out the registration form. There are no registration fees. When we receive the registration form, we will send you confirmation letter of the booking.
  5. OID number. To apply for ERASMUS KA1 funding you must first register your school/ institution/ organisation in EU Login (formerly ECAS) in order to obtain a unique Organisation ID (OID).
  6. Receive support. First of all, contact your National Agency for information and any doubts.  Once you have received the support and information from your National Agency, EDUCULTURE can also provide further support and give you useful tips for your application success.
  7. Fill in the form and submit. Download your application form from the National Agency website of your country and prepare a proposal under the Key Action 1 (KA1) – Learning Mobility of Individuals. Submit your grant application before the deadline.
  8. Results. Results will be announced by  National Agencies late winter/early spring, When you receive the results from your National Agency, please contact us for further information.
  9. Not approved. If your application will not be approved, you can apply the next Erasmus Call.