DRAMA IN EDUCATION -Using drama as a tool in teaching and learning

DRAMA IN EDUCATION -Using drama as a tool in teaching and learning

Broadly speaking, Drama in Education (DiE): using drama as a tool in teaching and learning is designed for, and dedicated to teachers
• who are looking for meaningful ways of reflecting on their professional practice
• who wish to engage with pedagogic issues and widen their understanding of the methods and practice of creative teaching/learning through drama
• who are looking to revitalize and energize their approach to teaching
• who wish to enhance and refresh their skills in delivering subject content in/through English
As participants come from different European countries, the course is also a valuable exercise in community building and international understanding. The course is 6-day, however there is the possibility to extend it to 7-day.

The  cost for 6-day course is  480 euro and for 7-day course is 560 euro. It  includes course fees, course material, entrance to museums and tours.

Learning Outcomes:
• understanding drama conventions and ways of creating meaning and engagement
• understanding the potential Drama in Education has for providing context for teaching/learning
• providing and exercising creative ideas for successful implementation of drama in the curriculum
• improving the ability to use innovative student-centered pedagogical approaches
• increased confidence in communicating in English
• increased intercultural awareness

WELCOME participants introduce themselves; discussion about using drama in their teaching; course programme overview (day by day).
MODULE ONE Introduction: course rationale, purpose and definitions; DiE-related resources and course bibliography; general theoretical considerations and key research findings in favour of drama as a teaching method

MODULE TWO Drama in Education as a creative practice; Drama Methods / Creative Conventions for DiE: an overview and analysis

TOUR IN LIMASSOL • Visit to Old city center, Carob Mill Museum, Medieval Castle & Museum and other monuments  • Data collection for the group work.

DAY 4                                                                                                  MODULE THREE focus on Mantle of the Expert as a sample creative convention for DiE; analysis of rationale, purpose and approach; data collection for the group work

MODULE FOUR | (a thematic extension) further exploration of subject-related issues: aspects of performance and creative responses

CLOSURE OF THE COURSE presentation of group work, review of the project, conclusions, certificates DAY 7 (optional) TOUR IN PAPHOS visit to Paphos Archaeological Park with Roman mosaics, Paphos Medieval Castle & port


07.03.2020 - 12.03.2020


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