CLIL: Integrated Teaching through English is intended for educators with an interest in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) who want to widen their understanding of the subject, but also wish to engage with broader pedagogic issues, and enhance and refresh their skills in delivering subject content through English. The course will also offer a clear rationale and suggestions for further exploration in this area.
This 6-day course is designed for, and dedicated to teachers
• who are looking for meaningful ways of reflecting on their professional practice
• who wish to engage with pedagogic issues and widen their understanding of CLIL
• who are looking to revitalize and energize their approach to teaching
• who wish to enhance and refresh their skills in delivering subject content in/through English
As participants come from different European countries, the course is a valuable exercise in community building and international understanding. There is also the possibility to extend the course to 7-day.

Learning Outcomes:
- increased awareness and understanding of the potential of CLIL approach and methodology
- increased knowledge of the key principles of CLIL material development and the integration of content and language teaching
- a greater repertoire of activities to integrate into your CLIL teaching context
- increased confidence in communicating in English
- increased intercultural awareness

WELCOME participants introduce themselves; discussion about using CLIL in their school; course programme overview (day by day).
MODULE ONE introduction (CLIL-specific teacher development: goal and method; course rationale and purpose; CLIL-related online resources: recommendations; acknowledgements: course bibliography and references; introductory practice)
MODULE TWO selected basic concepts and main CLIL-related issues (defining CLIL: from abstract to concrete; the 5 dimensions of CLIL; common reasons for introducing CLIL; the 5 Cs of CLIL; the advantages of CLIL; why is CLIL important; 10 criteria for producing quality CLIL learning materials; a shared vision for CLIL; assessment) TOUR IN THE TOWN visit to Medieval Castle, Old Carob Mill & traditional city center
MODULE THREE practical evaluation of sample CLIL materials (a workshop); data collection for the group work
TOUR TO NICOSIA visit to Leventis Municipal Museum, Shakolas Tower Museum & Observatory & traditional city center ‘Laiki Gitonia’
MODULE FOUR further exploration of CLIL-related issues: a thematic extension (working with resistance to CLIL: three major concerns, and how to respond to them; the use of questions: ten tips for effective questioning in CLIL; a history of CLIL in 3 phases, impact and the future)
CLOSURE OF THE COURSE presentation of group work, review of the project, conclusions, certificates
DAY 7 (optional) TOUR IN PAPHOS visit to Paphos Archaeological Park with Roman mosaics, Paphos Medieval Castle & port

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