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Who we are

The organisation F.G.G. EDUCULTURE CENTER EDUCATION LTD (EDUCULTURE)   is registered in Cyprus. It implements a range of educational courses within the framework of ERASMUS Plus Key Action 1 (KA1 Learning mobility of individuals). Teachers and school staff across Europe can participate in the courses as well as adults and recent graduated students. Focus areas are intercultural education; classroom diversity, majority and minority cultures; behavioural problems during teaching; positive learning environment; European culture and identity, active citizenship; learning outside the classroom. Courses are conducted in 6-day and 7-day sessions and take place in Cyprus (location: Limassol). All courses are carefully designed to train participants with innovative and effective methodologies introducing a European dimension and encouraging international networking and the constitution of learning partnerships.

EDUCULTURE participates in various Erasmus Plus KA1 and KA2 projects and provides support to organizations in writing and submitting their own Erasmus Plus project proposals.

(PIC: 918105486,  OID: E10032707)

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Our focus

Our focus is to provide opportunities to teachers across Europe to enhance their professional development; to enrich their theoretical background, to examine examples of school and classroom planning and practice; to visit museums, archaeological and traditional sights; to explore materials and artworks; to plan activities and implement programmes across the areas of curriculum and school life; to gain unforgettable learning experiences among colleagues from different countries.

Data gathering and group work develop teachers’ skills while through discussions teachers have the opportunity to share their stories, thoughts and experiences. Furthermore, a range of learning outcomes can be drawn placed in a European context to benefit themselves and their school. This facilitates the dissemination, exchange of good practice and professional expertise, either at school or institute level, or on a personal basis.

Last but not the least, we put a special emphasis on social and cultural dimension of your mobility. You'll get a taste of Cypriot people and aspects of their history, culture, cuisine and nature.

Our aim

Our aim is to provide high quality courses enhancing participants'  professional development. Our courses are based on recent educational theories, providing theoretical background and  hands-on experiences; solving practical problems; examining examples of school and classroom practice; visiting museums, archaeological and traditional sites; planning activities and implementing programmes across the areas of curriculum and school life.

We use active learning methods in order to maximize benefits for the participants and enable them to start using the new skills to their teaching.

Participants gain unforgettable learning experiences among colleagues from different European countries.

Our Team

The courses are delivered by high qualified and experienced trainers. They are professional educators with over 20 years teaching experience in primary, secondary and in higher education. They are competent trainers with rich practical experience and highly interactive approaches.

F. Genethliou



EDUCULTURE offers a range of sessions throughout the year and in summer. There are many sessions for 2019  and 2021.


EDUCULTURE can design a course according to the topic that interests your group and their needs.  Minimum  5 participants.

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You can book places by completing the online application form.