EDUCULTURE is a center of education and organizes ERASMUS KA1 courses in Limassol, Cyprus for training teachers, school staff, students and adults.

How can you get funding? 

You can apply to ERASMUS+ for funding. Contact your National Agency for further details.

Can EDUCULTURE offer help to participants?

EDUCULTURE helps participants during application process. 

Who can attend these courses?

Teachers (Pre-primary, primary, secondary, special needs sector), school staff, educators, adults and graduated students can attend the courses.

Who designs and implements the courses?

Courses are designed and implemented by qualified teachers with many years teaching experience.

Where EDUCULTURE courses take place?

Courses take place at our educational center in Limassol, a cosmopolitan city significantly famous for its historical and archaeological sites. 

On which topics do the seminars focus?

Intercultural education; classroom diversity, majority and minority cultures; behavioural problems during teaching; positive learning environment; culture and identity, active citizenship; learning outside the classroom, Museum education etc.

What is the duration of the courses?

All courses last for 6 days. There is also the possibility to extend the courses to 7 days. The 7th day includes extra tours and activities.

What is the cost of the courses?

The 6-day courses cost 480 euro per participant and the 7-day courses cost 560 euro.

What is included to the fees?

Fees include course fees, course materials, museum tickets, guided tours and bus/taxi fares during the tours.

What methodology is used?

All courses are carefully designed to train participants with innovative and effective methodologies introducing a European dimension and encouraging international networking and the constitution of learning partnerships. Discussions, teamwork and site visits help participants exchange ideas and explore practices for different areas of the curriculums of various European countries.

What are the aims of the courses?

Teachers across Europe enhance their professional development; enrich their theoretical background, examine examples of school and classroom planning and practice; visit museums, archaeological and traditional sights; examine materials and artworks; plan activities and implement programmes across the areas of curriculum and school life; gain unforgettable learning experiences among colleagues from different countries and explore an island of 11000 years of history.

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