Courses tailored to your needs

The team of EDUCULTURE can design a course according to the needs of your colleagues. Choose the topic and the basic parameters and we will design a 6-day /7-day course for your group. Minimum number of participants: 4 participants.


EDUCULTURE offers a range of educational courses within the framework of the programme ERASMUS+ Key Action 1 (KA1 Learning mobility of individuals Staff training) in Cyprus.

Focus areas are classroom management; behavioural problems (indiscipline, racism, bullying}; curriculum and methodology; outdoor teaching and learning; diversity management; cultural heritage, European culture and active citizenship. Courses are conducted in 6-day or 7-day sessions and take place in Limassol town.

All courses are carefully designed to train participants with innovative and effective methodologies introducing European dimension in the activities and encouraging international networking and the constitution of learning partnerships.


Our focus is to provide opportunities to teachers across Europe to enhance their professional development; to enrich their theoretical background, to examine examples of school and classroom planning and practice; to visit museums, archaeological and traditional sights; to explore materials and artworks; to plan activities and implement programmes across the areas of curriculum and school life; to gain unforgettable learning experiences among colleagues from different countries.

Data gathering and group work develop teachers’ skills while through discussions teachers have the opportunity to share their stories, thoughts and experiences. Furthermore, a range of learning outcomes can be drawn placed in a European context to benefit themselves and their school. This facilitates the dissemination, exchange of good practice and professional expertise, either at school or institute level, or on a personal basis.

Last but not the least, we put a special emphasis on social and cultural dimension of your mobility. You'll get a taste of Cypriot people and aspects of their history, culture, cuisine and nature.



The working methods that are used are highly practical and participatory. The experiential method is used to encourage the search for contemporary pedagogical theories and teaching approaches. The hands-on approach is used to examine real examples, case studies, surveys and simulations. The group activities foster mutual learning, cooperation and collaboration between participants. The discussions encourage sharing ideas, intercultural dialogue and the exchange of good practices between the participants. Social, networking and cultural activities give participants the opportunity to establish professional cooperation and links with teachers, staff, schools and organisations in Europe. At the end of the course, participants fill in an e-questionnaire for evaluation.


Erasmus+ Call 2024

If you want to take part to our courses you can apply this Erasmus Call 2024  EDUCULTURE offers step by step guidance to schools and help with submission procedures.

Steps for funding

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